Training for you

Would you like to …

  • be well prepared for any unexpected situation?
  • react spontaneously?
  • be flexible?
  • lose the fear of public speaking?
  • have fun while learning all of this?


Then this training is for you:

“Improve Yourself”

Go on be spontaneous and jump right in!


The goal

The goal of this training is to improve your skills in certain situations:

  •           self-awareness & self-confidence
  •           gestures & facial expressions
  •           dealing with time and place
  •           spontaneity & flexibility
  •           perception & reaction
  •           empathy & emotional intelligence
  •           cooperation & team spirit

All of the above is achieved by different methods of improvisational theater. You learn how a positive attitude, acceptance of the present and open-mindedness can help you awake curiosity, liberate creativity and discover new and different solutions. Afterwards if things do not go the way you wanted them to go, you will recognize that even failing can be incredibly fun.


And… all of it is undoubtedly useful in everyday life!


Carina – participant

“The training left me truly impressed on a professional and personal level and because other participants experienced the same, the trainer had to devote a whole “extra” hour to us."


In a group of 10 to maximal 20 participants you get a lot of practical experience and therefore many opportunities to learn and practise new skills.

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