Training for companies

The training concept of “Improve yourself” is also suitable for companies – it can be a teambuilding activity for a department or a self-improvement training.

The training consists of different modules that can be individually adapted and adjusted for your purpose. The focus can be put on the following areas:

  •           Cooperation & teamwork
  •           self-awareness & self-confidence
  •           A mimic & gesture oriented approach
  •           A time & place oriented approach
  •           Spontaneity & flexibility
  •           Perception & reaction
  •           Empathy & emotional intelligence


The modules consist of an extensive practical part which allows participants to test the theoretical part. The participant can experiment in a safe environment and gain experience which they otherwise would not because of the fear and the risk.


With different methods of Improvisation theater the participants learn in a playful manner, how a positive attitude, acceptance of the present and open-mindedness can help awaken curiosity, liberate creativity and discover new solutions.  


The important concept is that failing is not a bad thing, if we learn from our mistakes. Sometimes, failing can even be fun. The participants are encouraged to lose their fear of implementing their own ideas.  


The optimal group consists of 8 to 16 participants, but it is also possible to deliver the concept to larger groups. To achieve a lasting learning, the training should not be less than half a day. Depending on the desired content it can also be extended to two days.


The price depends on the length of the training, the number of participants and the required preparation beforehand. Because the training is tailored and adjusted to each client, the participants get the greatest possible benefit and learning experience. 


Trainings can take place at your location or in a rented room for trainings. Travel costs for trainings outside Cologne are charged additionally.



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