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"Fabian did the facilitation for our two-day team building event, which was focused on "team effectiveness", and it was a great success!


In the weeks leading up to the event, the preparation work with Fabian was key to good contents and outcome. Fabian paid a lot of attention to what was intended, what issues we wanted to address, understanding the realities of the team and the organization, understanding the stage and situation where the team and the individuals are, and the intended outcomes for the event. This attention to detail was important to the very satisfactory outcome, and for which we are very thankful to Fabian. 


His method was very effective. He keeps the group at ease and in a good mood, and makes the group generate the energy and information from within. At the same time he keeps very good control of the dynamic, the timekeeping, and the objectives of each session being achieved. We came out with very concrete outcomes, which the team now seems ready to get hands on."


Uriel Barrantes (Central Services Unit Manager)

Maastricht University

"Fabian’s two improvisation workshops in our seminar on the improvement of students’ soft skills was a great success! Not only did students have a lot of fun but also truly developed and learned a lot for their daily life – each of them individually for the soft skill he/she found especially important and was particularly focusing on. With his extensive experience and expertise, Fabian guided students through the exercises with lot of humor and in a didactically skillful way. He always took great care of the interactions and positive atmosphere in the group as well as the progress and work on the soft-skills. We can only highly recommend Fabian and his improvisation workshops!"


Dr. Annika Nübold (Assistant Professor Work and Organizational Psychology, Maastricht University)

Open Society Foundation

"Fabian Brüggemann served  as the facilitator for the 2nd Meeting of the European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines in Athens Greece (EU Alliance) from December 7th to 9th, 2015. His good time management skills, the very organized way of working and at the same time his very friendly attitude and his reliability contributed to a good working atmosphere. He managed to motivate the participants and keep up a good mood throughout the whole meeting, which resulted in reaching the desired results."


Kiti Kajana | Program Officer

Access to Essential Medicines Initiative | Public Health Program

Open Society Foundations

Zavod Impact (Slovenia)

"Fabian's training for trainers was an amazing experience for slovenian trainers. We got the chance to experience different exercises, that we can use in our work and we got to discuss the methodology and goals behind each exercise. Above all, the training was super fun, so it felt like we were there for an hour (actually it was a whole day)."


Urša Svetelj, Zavod ImpACT

AEGEE-Europe - European Students' Forum

"The board 2011/2012 of AEGEE-Europe - European Student’s Forum would like to underline the crucial importance of Fabian Brüggemann’s help during the facilitation of the mid and final evaluation of the aforementioned team between 28th and 30th of August 2012 in Cologne, Germany. Fabian Brüggemann helped us understanding ourselves and the reason of our reactions, our improvements during the year and, very importantly, getting a broad picture of our term. But that’s not all, he managed it with a smile on his face and in a careful way so that it was us the ones finding our own answers and making sure that our feedback was the most appropriate one and coming from an inclusive point of view. Once more, thank you for making us feel comfortable about the team you showed us we could be!"


Board of Directors, AEGEE-Europe

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