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1981 is the year known for the peace movement and, in between of all of the peace protests around Europe also the year of my birth.  


I am relatively young comparing to other trainers, however, I have always strived to become acknowledged for what I do early. Because of my age I am able to easily connect with students and young professionals. Simultaneously I have work experience and knowledge of how a business venture functions. Thus, I have the competence to also do trainings for professionals.


After graduating with a master degree in Business information systems I have worked in an international management consulting company for 4 years, where I got used to work in an international and intercultural environment. I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience there, especially regarding teamwork and group dynamics process. Leading and moderating many meetings helped me to be more confident when speaking in public.


I have organized and given trainings for many students from the biggest interdisciplinary European student association called AEGEE. These trainings took place in different culture groups in English or German language. I have learned how to awake participant’s interest and motivate them to cooperate and work as a team. Since this work was mostly voluntary my motivation laid in observing the great improvement of students in a short period of time.


I am a philanthropist. I enjoy learning about what drives and motivates people. I value ethics and I have learned what defines teamwork with different personalities and what it results in. My sense of mimics, gestures and language helps me a lot. My training as a systemic coach taught me to focus on people’s unique skills, so that I can discover them and help the individuals to strengthen them.


Improvisational theater is my greatest passion. I can confirm from my own experience that the principals of improvisational theater are useful in everyday life and that they do contribute to a more positive state of mind. In improvisational theater the participants have to work together, not against each other. Improvisational theater has helped me when I was under stress or in need of peace and it is precisely for this reason, why I use such principles as a trainer and a coach. 

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