Improve Yourself Training

Training, where an indiviual and a team develop while playing games

Improve yourself is an integrated training, based on coaching and improvisation theater.


During improvisational theater actors play a scene with minimal guidelines from the audience. Actors have no chance to talk about the scene beforehand. Because of this, we get brilliant, emotional and funny scenes! The actors rely on the methods of improvisation theater and know that other actors are aware of these methods and are applying them as well.


The methods are very useful in everyday life and in the workplace. They help you towards more spontaneous and flexible reactions, greater attention and improved understanding of your surroundings. You can extend the awareness of yourself or apply it to others and increase your skills in learning and accepting different perspectives. You will especially improve cooperation and teamwork, because improvisation theater works only when all the actors cooperate!


The methods are explained at the training and demonstrated by various exercises and games. The training is divided into different modules, which build on each other. Each module consists of a short theoretical part, followed by a longer practical part. In this way the participants can try out their new knowledge in practice immediately.


Sabine – participant

“At the training I get to try things, I was previously afraid of, in a safe environment. I was surprised of how much fun I had. I am still astonished how confident I reacted in particular situations I felt uncertain in beforehand.”


Participants, who feel quite confident dealing with unpredictable situations can also improve their skills and develop further. They learn, for example, how others perceive them and how they can be considerate and attentive in the group.  


Andreas – participant

“I was never shy and sometimes I like to be in the center of attention. In spite of that, I have learned a lot in the training and had a lot of fun. I also got a chance to find out how I affect others and how self-aware I am about the happening around me. Now I can react much better and contribute more to teamwork so our team can achieve good results.“ 


Day after day I notice, how useful principles of improvisational theatre are in everyday life and how much more uncomplicated, excited and more positive they make me at work and in other life situations. This is exactly what I want to pass on to the participants, hoping they will also get such experiences and gladly use their new skills on a daily basis. 


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